How I Can Help You

I provide business-to-business sales and marketing consulting services for organisations. Services include:

Customer SatCreating a great Customer Experience
Customer expectations are higher than ever and word of mouth travels fast! HBR found that those organisations that skillfully manage the entire experience results in enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenue, and greater employee satisfaction as well as best collaboration across functions. I can help you understand how your customers engage with your business and brand, how you perform and identify areas for improvement.

OppIdentifying Areas of Improvement in your Current Strategies
There is always a little room for creating a better version of you. I can assist with business planning and market opportunity analysis (evaluate the business environment, competitor analysis, target market profile, industry trends and outlook) as well as support the development of strategic marketing plans, sustainability reporting and your value proposition.

SalesReview of your Sales Processes
A good sales process helps your salespeople consistently close deals by giving them a framework to follow. Your sales team shouldn’t have to guess where a particular deal stands or how they should be managing deals in each stage. In addition, your sales process should align with how your customers move through their buying process. Standardising or creating this process alongside supporting the sales team with training and coaching will drive top-line results.

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